Subject: bamberg
dear barbara,

good morning, I would highly recommend a day trip to bamberg. it is a beautiful town, evidenced by it being placed on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites. two waterways flow through the town, giving it a relaxed feel. the altes rathaus is actually on a bridge/island in the middle of the regnitz river! numerous churches and historic buildings are sprinkled throughout the hilly terrain. if you want to do a sleep over, I then would suggest going on a brewery tour. bamberg has nine breweries; some with lodging...I have stayed twice at brewery fassla at very reasonable rates.

please look into bamberg, it has much to offer,

barry in new jersey

Modīs note : Here you have a link to the room in the brewery mentioned by Barry : It says that you can book on-line :

Rgds, Covadonga Regil