Subject: Seville
Hi Ziners,

Iberia is having a sale right now that seems almost too good to pass up. They are offering a companion flies free fare NY to points in Spain. i.e., NY to Seville (or madrid at slightly less) for 2 for $607 - including taxes, fees. etc. The fare on Orbitz has been $309 RT to Madrid, but the add on to Seville brought it up to nearly $500 per person. I think the fare (if not sold out per flight) is good until the end of March.

I recall reading on this site that Iberia doesn't have the best reputation - rude? bad customer service? delays? Any info would be most appreciated.

Also, any recommendations for hotels in seville would be appreciated. Doesn't have to be super deluxe, but needs to be clean, nice, good area - convenient, etc. Charming would be good too! Does anyone have any info on a place called La Casa del Maestro?

Thanks, Vanessa Cutchogue, NY