Subject: Poland
Hello Bill, CÚcile and I spent 3 weeks in Poland in 1996.We liked to visit this country. If you have just one city to visit,you should go to Krakow.It is a very rich historical city.It has old walls,towers and a large old market place.
>From Krakow it is possible to make day trips to Auschwitz and to salt mines of Wieliczka.You can also take a train to go to Czestochowa and the Jasna Gora Monastery.Every year, Polish pilgrims go to Czestochowa to see the Black Madonna.

We also appreciated to visit Gdansk on Baltic Sea.
>From Gdansk,Malbork and his castle are easily acces- sible by train.It is one of the largest medieval for- tified castles in Europe.

Warsaw is a big city.It was totally destroyed during WW.The rebuilding of old Warsaw is successful.

We used train to visit the country and it was our first experiences to stay in private rooms. Polish people were helpful

Bon voyage!

Marc Hawey CÚcile Gareau Quebec city (in winter carnival time) Canada