Subject: Arthur's Pass accommodations
Hi Judy, I looked up the place where we stayed in Arthur's Pass - (South Island) New Zealand and it's called The Chalet I would not recommend it unless you're in a bind. Perhaps they may have new ownership - but I would check. As I said, when we stayed there in March, 2000, it was not great and the food was not memorable either.

We did, however stay at this wonderful place in the Craigieburn - about 15 min from Arthur's Pass -- It was the historic Bealey Hotel (which I don't think is a hotel at all.) Our studio slept 3 as we had our son with us and it was perfect! The food was great and the views are marvelous looking out into the Craigieburn and onto the plains with the mountains in the background - very different from other areas on the South Island. I cannot find a website for you - sorry.

I will look further if you are interested. This is a very informal place but it was very comfortable. Regards, Susie Newton, MA

Mod note: A click on the above mentioned site will lead you to accommodations and you can find The Chalet. A Google search of Bealey Hotel Craigieburn New Zealand will bring up a number of sites for you to check.