Subject: Re: Where would you go...
Ellie, I would second the suggestion to visit Asia. We spent a month there, visiting Hong Kong, Beijing, throughout Thailand and on to Nepal. Much depends on your willingness to move around. If you would like to plant for a while, I would suggest Thailand as your base. This is a fabulous country and relatively inexpensive. Once your are in Asia, you will find air travel cheap and you can move around visiting many spots. You will find cheap flights to India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of visiting Asia, I would suggest Australia. It takes time and money to get there, but there are bargains around. Out-of-country travellers can take advantage of the airpass offered only to tourists. A travel agent will be able to tell you about the four, five or six city pass that will allow you to fly around the continent at a good price. You can also buy bus passes and tour passes, again avaiable only to out-of-country tourists, which will save you money.

We were in Austria, Germany and Switzerland ten years ago and found these countries to be horrifically expensive. I'm sure it hasn't changed. Lucy, Toronto