Subject: Iberia - Seville - and Volare Web
Vanessa asked about Iberia air and Seville hotels.

I seem to be the resident crank about airlines but I have to report a very bad experience with Iberia as well. They were late leaving JFK so we missed our connection in Madrid and the staff at Barajas was very unsympathetic in arranging alternatives to Seville. On the way back the flight out of Madrid to JFK was more than four hours late departing. The information was scarce and when it came usually wrong. The Information Counter (more properly the Absence of Information Counter) at Barajas was the scene of one of the most unpleasant scenes I've observed at airports as the growing and increasingly angry crowd of passengers interacted with a Iberia staff which was surly and condescending. The nadir came when the staff one by one left the counter for lunch until there was only one person and about 30 people on line. While this was my only Iberia flight the information is consistent with their reputation.

Having said all that, I have to agree that everything has a price and for a good enough deal even I would take them again. But if I could I'd pay a l bit more to avoid Iberia. ( I do continue to use the neat dashboard object holder they gave to honor their 40th anniversary so it wasn't all bad).

I stayed at the Hostal Van Gogh near the Alcazar. The downside is the very small size of the rooms and the very basic amenities (No closet space, no in room phones). The positives are the location and the price which was about 40 Euros. I think I would probably go elsewhere next time but if your looking for something inexpensive and tipico this is probably pretty good.

Seville is a wonderful city-- full of life. If you have a chance to visit some of the white towns of Andalucia, I'd recommend that as well.

I also have an airline question. I am thinking of booking on VolareWeb for a flight form Paris to Palermo. It's a relatively new low cost intra-European airline. The prices are very good. Has any one had any experience with it?

Thanks Rick