Subject: Re: From Paris to

30 Euro's sounds cheap, however, does that include tax? Probably not. Sometimes the tax is more than the airfare.

Also, don't forget to add in ground transportation costs to and from both airports. With the train, you'll already be downtown in both cities.

Lastly, how much is time and hassle worth to you? While the flight itself is shorter than the train ride, once you figure in travelling

to and from airports, as well as the necessary time you must allot for check-in, the train probably takes the same time overall. I also feel that the train is a lot more pleasant.

A couple of years ago, we flew into London for a few days and then onto Paris and flew home from Paris. We could have had a free flight from London to Paris included in our fare. Even for free, we opted to take the train. Of course, it's not fair of me to spend your money and you might be on a tight budget, but before making your decision figure out the actual costs involved. It might not really be a 90 Euro savings.

Candice NYC