Subject: Re: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rose, When I was in Buenos Aires, it was the month of Dec., so I can't give you any weather feedback. Sorry.

BA highlights are the the area known as La Recoleta, it's a very chic area with many lovely cafe's and restaurants. It's also where the famous cemetery is. Eva Peron rests there and it's a not to be missed site. San Telmo is an area with wonderful antique stores and Florida is an all pedrestrian street filled with shops. The Buenos Aires Opera House is the most fantastic in the world and even if you don't go to an opera or ballet there, you must take a tour. They do them in various languages, just book the one in english. Your hotel concierge might have a schedule.

You should also make sure to see a tango show while in BA.

It's a lovely city. Enjoy!

Candice NYC