Subject: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi Rose, March 1 st would be a very nice time of the year, it would be the end of the Summer and most likely it would be on the hot side

-There are many good restaurants, I like Harper Rest, Clark Rest and for fish the Dora Restaurant , Museo Renaud Rest , etc and most of the restaurants in the Puerto Madero area. ( I can get you the addresses later on)

- How about hotels , do you have one? I enjoy staying at Argenta Towers Hotel, this is a four star, rack rate is $145 however through ( which is a small , honest and reliable travel agency) I got a $70 dollar rate for a double paying in advance.

-I highly advise to have a personalize four hour tour with Wow, aprox $85 for two persons. This tour is excellent because they take care of the smallest detail and focus on your preferences. The Argenta Tower Hotel has also a very good and inexpensive restaurant. A delicious lunch is aprox. $6 to $7 dollars.

-There are many nice and good cafes all around Buenos Aires, on our last trip,I had breakfast in one of them located in Calle Cordoba and Carlos Pellegrini , a cafe con leche, plus a small oj,and three croissants were $1.30 ..... The most famous is the Cafe Tortoni, a cafe with a long history and offering some tango music in the evenings. This place because is so well know is expensive for Buenos Aires but it is worth going .

-While in Buenos Aires you must take radio taxis to be double safe instead of any taxi on the street. All always be alert and avoid looking like a tourist. On the other hand many people speak English and they are helpful and kind.

-The city is full of LOCUTORIOS these are places to call by phone overseas, or locally and rates are very low, like calling the US is only a few cents per minute.

-They have very nice Tango Shows which are something you do not wish to miss these shows include dinner. I believe that the whole thing is aprox. $30.

-A show at Teatro Colon is not to be missed either. March 1 st would be a little early for the season but often there are things going on it is worth checking. There are guided tours of the Teatro Colon, fascinating. Cost is a few dollars .

-Always there are several art exhibits going on in Buenos Aires, you can check on the newspaper.

-La Nacion in Spanish is your best bet , there is however a very nice daily newspaper in English called The Buenos Aires Herald. or if you get in touch with WOW they will inform you.

- It is easy and fun to visit a nearby Estancia.

-Buenos Aires is a shoppers paradise because the collapse of their currency everything is a good buy. Hope this helps.

Graziella, Miami Beach.