Subject: Re: flying from paris to london
hey fernando:

the price from cdg to paris is 7.50 euros each way and if you get a direct train, it's 1/2 hour to gare du nord, otherwise, it can be up to an hour and a half. i know from heathrow to luton airport was 15 pounds, from central london to stansted was 7 pounds--where does bmi fly out of? in any case, price wise, it's still a lot less than the eurostar, and i know that easyjet includes the taxes in their advertised low fares.

in terms of flight quality, i have not taken bmi, but on both ryanair and easyjet, the other two insanely cheap airlines, they were *selling water* just to give you a sense of the basic nature of the flights, i can't imagine bmi is that much of a step up.

i found luton and standsted to be very laidback airports--no one made me take off my shoes--and cdg is also very easy, nonetheless, you do have to factor in the time of getting to the airport a good hour and a half early to check in and so forth. if money were less of an object than ease of experience, i'd take the train.

all best, jeannine