Subject: Re: flying from paris to london
Hi Ziners, Since we just did this trip using both methods (flew from London to Paris and took Eurostar back to London) in November I thought I would chime in.

I am not sure about the airline you are talking about but we got on the interesting airline, Ryanair. What an adventure. First we had Stansted to Buvais (those are the airports on the OUTSKIRTS of London and Paris many of these airlines fly from). We had purchased two tickets for just over 10 pounds each. We were carrying three bags with us for a two week stay in Europe. Not big bags by any means (two 26 backtap types with wheels and a hanging garment bag) but enough that Ryanair charged us 34 pounds in overweight charges to bring them on board. That about took care of the savings for us. That plus the ticket to Stansted and then the bus ride in from Buvais as well as the taxi to our hotel from where we were dropped off added up to around 60 pounds each. Total additional cost over just the plane tickets was around $120.00

We were in the usual 737 tight seats and the flight was much faster but by the time we went had taken the taxi from our London hotel to the train to Stansted, waited to board (have to be there 2 hours early), flew the flight, landed in Buvais and then took the bus and the taxi to our hotel it took about 6 hours.

Coming back, we got in a taxi at 7:20 at our Paris hotel, after a 10 minute ride to Gare du Nord and a 35-45 minute wait for security we boarded Eurostar and it left on time. The seats for me were wonderful. I am 6'2 and I hate economy seats on airplanes. We were able to get up and move around and the train was about 2/3 full so we could switch seats within our car at will. Yes, we had 2nd class seats.

Total time including arriving in London and cab to our London hotel was about 4 hours. In time, the train wins. Total cost for the train ride and taxis to and from the hotels was about $300. On vacation, I will trade two hours and not having to be crammed into an airplane for $180 any time you want.

Hope this helps with your decision. I think it comes down to what you value more, time or money. Or headaches (airports give me those) or no headaches.

Jim in Redmond, WA