Subject: Re: Returning Member in New York
Hi, Joan:

Welcome back, especially after 3 weeks in India. I knew you had been planning such a trip, but my experiences there were so long ago, I didn't think they'd do you much good. Now, as part of a life laundry project, I'm scanning my 35mm slides onto CDs so I don't lose the images. I just finished the India slides & have felt transported back to that trip. I hope yours sticks with you as well as mine has done!

I met the most wonderful young woman there, a Parsee from Bombay, & she took me to a Jain temple as well as one of the Towers of Silence outside of Bombay. Her family were jewelers & I loved visitng her home. Outside of Aurangabad, I hopped off a bus to photo a sugar cane factory. Altho I asked permission to photograph, I certainly wasn't welcome. When I realized the missles slung my way were cane debris & rocks, I left quickly. A glorious day spent wandering the solitude of Mahabalipuram came back to me as I worked with my slides, as did the faded spendor of Fathepur Sikri.

What memories are the most vivid for you?

Gail In Eugene but never for long