Subject: Re: Italy , England & customs & accomodations/agriturismo
Hi, Ziners:

With customs, honesty is indeed the best policy. I've never had a problem when I've been upfront with what I've got squirreled away in my bag. I usually bring some of my homemade jam as gifts for my hosts. I declare them going in (Italy, England, Australia & Canada) & have only ever been waved thru. The agents don't even want to look at my pretty jam pots! Ditto with home-grown, vacuum-packed filbert nuts (the rest of the world calls them hazelnuts) from our tree.

How he did it, I'll never know (I think he left all his clothes behind), but my son once brought in 18 bottles of wine from Oz & didn't have to pay duty! And considering he only carries on, that's quite a packing feat.

Gail In Eugene but never for long