Subject: Re: Euro vs Dollar

What wonderful and thorough advice, very well written too!

I agree with every point you've made - especially about not using a debit card. With a debit card, the consumer has very little

protection, whether it's on a purchase that doesn't live up to expectations or, as you pointed out, to a stolen card. The money is taken out of your account - leaving you open to not having enough

money to pay for legitimate debt - and then having to fight to get your money back from the bank. To be honest, I could never understand why anyone would want one. They seem to only benefit the banking institutions and not the consumer.

A couple of years ago, Citibank changed our regular ATM cards to debit cards, for our convenience so we (or anyone who got hold of them!) could then use them in any retail store or restaurant, without having knowledge of our PIN number! We immediately went back to our local branch and had them changed back to regular ATM cards - that could only be used in an ATM machine, with a password. The clueless Citibank employee, changed the cards back for us, but couldn't understand why we weren't willing to make it easier for someone to steal money from us! They really had him brainwashed on the convenience issue. (the conveniece being that we didn't have to pay a monthly bill)

Candice NYC