Subject: Re: Euro vs Dollar
Hello all, Another warning: In Belgium we were totally unable to get money from the ATMs. The card that had worked perfectly in so many countries was no longer aligned with the right systems - or something. A gentleman at the tourist information office in Antwerp said that even people from the Netherlands were having trouble since Belgium's banking had reorganized. A Fortis bank employee swore that their machine would work and was quite shocked when it did not.

Going to the American Express office to cash a check was not much of an option since the one in Antwerp was closed and the Brussels midtown office had been moved off to the outskirts of town. I did have a credit card with no balance for a cash advance which is a costly alternative but, never having used it, did not know the PIN. We were going to take the hit at CITIBank with our Visa, when I remembered the good old American dollars this paranoid traveler always has. We actually got a relatively decent rate. We wasted a morning trying to take care of this. As the TI said, you are very lucky it is not a weekend!

This thread has reminded me to call my credit union to see how I can assure this does not happen again.

Thanks, Janet Riverview, FL