Subject: Re: Euro vs Dollar
Hi Candice and Janet...Ziners, My wife and I always take a few hundred dollars in US currency as backup. It's convertible anytime you need cash, and there's usually an exchange booth at airports and rail stations, as well as other places. Sure you can exchange in the USA for a foreign currency and it won't cost you much different than one of the foreign exchange booths overseas, the fact that we may pass through and visit several different currency areas militates for us against trying to have local currencies on hand at arrival. We really do't want ot have to buy a couple hundred dollars of pounds, Swedish kroner and Estonian Kroon. In fact, we don't want that much cash on us at all.

We have never failed to find an ATM that accepted our cards on arrival at any airport or train station, and our several hundred dollars backup has always come back home with us. DAVE HATUNEN, Tucson Arizona, out where the cacti grow