Subject: Vienna to Krakow: How to get there?
Hi all, We're leaving in late June for a nine-day visit to Vienna, Krakow, and perhaps parts in between. We had hoped to drive a rented car from Vienna to Krakow, but so far have learned from Auto Europe that they have no suppliers who will provide a rental for this itinerary. So I'm looking for suggestions of ways to get from

Vienna to Krakow with the flexibility of stopping along the way. At the moment, our fallback plan is to take the overnight train with couchettes and then rent a car in Krakow allowing us to base there. We would much prefer to rent, even if it would be more costly. All of this is based on our hope that it would be worthwhile to stop along the way. We had received a few suggestions of places, such as Trencin and Zakopane, though the latter, I believe, is relatively close to Krakow. At this point, we need to resolve the transportation riddle and flesh out the remainder of our itinerary. Our tentative plan calls for about three days in Vienna (not our first visit), a day or two en route to Krakow, and the remainder in and around Krakow. We are two families, with four adults and four teenagers, all reasonably well traveled and looking forward to an interesting trip. Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Russell from still-cold Connecticut