Subject: Euro - Dollar - ATM
Hi Ziners, I spoke to my bank (Washington mutual) here in US and they do not charge any fees for exchanging currency (other than exchange rate) when using a visa or debit issued by them. Make sure whatever card issuer you have does not charge fees for exchange. Citibank does as does B of A. Both cards I have and wont use outside US. The fees were very high like 4 % or 5 %. On top of all other fees. As well I agree to have local currency for arrival is the way to go. I have 45 Euros that I got at LAX I traded all my francs and some lira, escudos, pesatas. etc. I have had them in wallet for years and always planed on paying for a taxi / shuttle from some European city to my hotel. AS I will do this June. Cab drivers do not like to function as banks and if they take USD at all it would be at a less than favorable exchange rate I imagine. For visitors to the USA good luck trying to spend anything other than USD. Most large hotels will offer cambio service but shops forget it.
>From sunny,warm,Santa Monica, David