Subject: Euro vs Dollar- atm- Italy
Usually I try to limit ATM svc charges by withdrawing a max. withdrawalof $400-600 thereby paying the $3. service once, rather than 2-3times, thus spreading the exchange percentage to a reasonable 1 1/2-2 %.

However in Italy, I seemed to be limited to a daily limit of $250. Also the major ATM bank machine frequently would not allow withdrawals after 6:00 PM or on weekends. Sometimes we would have to go to 2-4 different machines to get the card to work, and in only small amounts ($100-200). My wife is still crying about the Arezzo Antique Fair objet d'art that she couldn't buy because we couldn't rustle up $700. on a Sat.

Anyone else experience these types of problems/ or have suggestions? I didn't seem to encounter any such difficulties in previous 5 european trips.

Thank you, Peter.