Subject: Re: Getting currency for travel
Hi Majeba:

Had to respond as my maiden name is Rawlins - suspect Rawlins, Wyo was named at one of my relatives - a doc who was in Grant's cabinet and sobered him as need be!

Aanyway, I wouldn't freak out with ATMs. They are the simpliest way to go. I've been in places where I've had to carry a fair amount of cash for ATMs/credit cards weren't around. I think take some of everything, but the ATMs do work if you're around any area catering to visitors. And I've found them in unlikely places. Suggest you use them at home a bit until you feel confident with them! This electronic age can seem overwhelming to any of us!

Bascially, good luck and enjoy from a Rawlins to a resident of Rawlins!

Jo, working my way out of Sunnyvale!