Subject: Re: China
Hello Ziners,

I have done a number of independent travel trips to China. The success of a trip will depend on the amount of research that is done. You will find almost unlimited information on the internet. Allow plenty of time for a visit. Some places that are worth a visit beyond Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and the regular places that are visited would be: Songpan region including Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, reached from Chengdu; also Emeishan and Leshan from Chengdu; Dazu from Chengdu; Dali and Lijiang, between Chengdu and Kunming; Xishuangbanna from Kunming; Xiahe region, more Tibetan than Tibet, from Lanzhou; the mountain regions around Urumqi; also Kashgar, Dunhuang, Turphan.

It is a big country and travel by train is easy and relatively inexpensive.

Have a search of the Lonely Planet website and borrow/buy a couple of guide books such as Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. Get a phrase book.

Enjoy your travel to China.

Gary Victoria BC