Subject: Re: China

Travel to China is not like going to Europe. There are many rules and your son must know them.

To begin, he should go to some US Govt websites, then go to China websites. That will give him VISA information. I think he'll probably need one there, but I'm not an expert. The airlines that fly there,like China Airlines, will also be able to give him travel information. He should buy some independant travel guide books. The basic and best for him would be both Lonely Planet Guide and The Rough Guide. I have not yet been to mainland China, but from what I've heard, independent travel is discouraged and while he may not have to go with a tour from the US, once there, he'll probably join some groups for the day to visit the various sights.

I've never heard of any safety problems in China.

It's now mid-February. If he's planning on going in March/April he'd better get his rear in gear. He's got a lot of planning to do!

Candice NYC