Subject: Re: ATM - vs - BANK
Hi All,

I still see folks talking about the difficulty in accessing ATM's or getting enough money or worrying about exorbitant fees. Simply open a separate account at your bank have them issue a Debit card for it. Deposit the amount of money you think you may need for your trip. Then when you arrive go to the bank and take a cash advance for as much as you need usually 2 or 3 times the limit of ATM's. You will not be charged interest from the first moments you take the cash as you would on a CC. because you are not borrowing the money. It was in the account already. This would end the need to find ATM 3 times a day to buy antiques or pay large hotel bills. We have walked into banks in many countries with our debit card and our passport and received thousands of USD worth of local currency when needed.It seems as though many dont even consider this option and instead use ATM at a cost of 3-5 dollars per transaction not to mention the problems of access or compatability. As well banks give the most fair exchange rate to each other. Happy trails, David