Subject: Re: Euros
Hello Ziners, Want to compliment all on the great and informative euro discussion.

I join with several others who have written. I take about $200 in local currency for tips, cab fare, drink, coffee,train etc. The security of the local currency is worth the fee. The 4 digit advice is great. Also your local ATM provider will give you a web site for access in the county of your choice. Be cautious when using an ATM site. Make sure you are not being observed.

Back to Italy in March and then London. Don we are trying your Hotel Giglio in Florence. Let you know how it goes. On the film thread....I also have been travelling for 40 years. I was a baby of course. As an avid photographer I have not had any problems with any kind of film. Keep up the good information.

Gay LeJeune Huntsville. Alabama.