Subject: Hadrian's Wall and Lake District
Hi Beth,

You can definitely visit Hadrian's Wall without a car. (I visited the Wall from Carlisle so without checking a map I'm not sure if it is do-able as a day trip from Windermere.) I was there in 1996, and at that time I was using only public transport. I've just checked my trip notes and I had only a couple of bus options to the Wall from my starting point in Carlisle - and I had to decide whether to go to the Roman Fort Museum or Birdoswald. I ended up taking the bus driver's advice and hopped off at Birdoswald which gave me three hours to look through the museum, stroll around the site, and walk the wall a ways. I would recommend visiting the Visitor's Centre in the town where you are staying when you arrive to get the schedules in advance. While there weren't many options, the options I had were fine. I had lots of time at the Wall and in the visitor's centre there, and the bus I caught back turned out to be a local school bus! I remember vividly walking along the wall (watching your step VERY carefully!), looking at the wall meandering off into the distance, the blackening sky meeting the green fields... then nearly falling off the Wall as two fighter jets zoomed over the top of me with their almost sonic boom scaring me witless!

I had 5 days in the Lakes District (Keswick, Ambleside, Grasmere, Hadrian's Wall via Carlisle, finally departing from Windermere) using trains and buses and I have fond memories of time spent in Keswick. I loved the town and its little shops and photographic histories, and the Derwentwater ferry and the sheep with painted spots. Oh, and it rained - a lot! :) Megan Brisbane, Australia