Subject: Barcelona Hotel- heard half the advice
Dear Ziners,

I just had an experience with two good friends who only half listened to some advice on a Barcelona hotel I had given to them. So in my hopes of not having anyone here give me a bad rap because I gave them bad advice, I want to clarify.

I recommended to them, and on this board, a terrific 3 star hotel in Barcelona. It's called the Continental Palacete. However, I told them that they must take one of the better rooms (we took the best one as pictured on the website). The husband, who booked the trip, only half listened and took the cheapest room which was very tiny, dark and faced an airshaft. They wound up checking out the next day and finding another hotel. They thought that they must have booked a different hotel from what I recommended, being that they have always liked my recommendations in the past.

So let me say again, the Hotel Continental Palacete, which has only 19 rooms, has some undesirable ones. For those of you who only want a clean place to sleep, they might be fine. But for those of us who need more than that, skip those rooms. I'm generally a 4-5 star hotel seeker but with the high prices this past summer I was in sticker shock and I found this particular 3 star hotel to be a real bang for the buck. Our room was large and pretty with a very comfortable bed and the bathroom was also quite large. We had a nice view of the street. No, it wasn't 5 star, but it was charming and very comfortable and in an excellent location. We did sneak a peek at some of the smaller rooms that faced the airshaft and knew that we would not like them.

Candice NYC