Subject: Re: Using the telephone in France
Hi Nancy,

I was just going through all of the articles that I saved on travel as we just bought tickets to go to London and Paris in June. I found this bit of information from the May 2003 Budget Travel which says that for good savings when traveling in the U.S. or abroad open an account with (888/746-0094). At home you dial an access number and pay 2.9 cents per minute. When traveling out of town or abroad simply dial a local access number or an 800 number to make along distance calls. You get the same low international rates as if you were dialing from home with no hidden charge, connection charges or expiration dates as with phone cards. Perhaps someone in the Travelzine community has used this and can tell us about it.

When we went to Spain last summer, we paid about $6.00 for almost 3 hours of talking time which could be used for International or other calls. I can look it up if someone is interested. You dialed an 800 number and you had an access number. It worked pretty well.

Michele Missner Appleton Wi