Subject: Re: US Dollars vs. Euros
Hi, Ziners. I might as well get into this discussion, too. I'm lucky in that there's a little Coin Exchange place not too far from me that has been around for many years. He doesn't charge a fee for exchanging dollars into euros, so I go there, especially since he was highly recommended to me.

I do take a credit card with me for emergencies, and also some American money, but mostly I get euros in cash and put them in a money belt that's next to my skin at all times. I started doing this years ago when I went to Ireland, and it worked out really well. I don't want to bother with ATM's and banks. I put just enough cash into my wallet to last me for the day. I figure I would have to be attacked and stripped for thieves to find my money. Oh, and the other way would be to be admitted to an ER and hospital. That's what happened last July when I broke my leg in Paris. When they were stripping me in the hospital to put me in a gown, they saw my money belt, and asked my daughter what it was , and then they laughed. Of course she took it for safekeeping.

She's the one that believes only in traveler's checks and only a little cash. She's used to hotels cashing her traveler's checks each day, but in Paris they didn't, and she had to find a bank.

Diana San Diego, California