Subject: Re: New York and Washington
Hi Barbara and James, I can't speak for Washington, but four days (even four months) is probably not enough for New York City. We've been visiting the city about 2-3 times a year for the past ten and have only scratched the surface.

I have a couple of suggestions. Take the Circle Boat Tour for a ride around Manhattan Island. Take the full, not abbreviated tour. It will give you a good feel for the place - history, sights, culture, etc. The guides are very knowledgeable.

For cheap accommodations in convenient locations, check out Affordable New York.

Your best bet is to decide which neighbourhood you'll want to park yourselves in. Any guide book will describe the neighbourhoods. You still have enough time to e-mail the NYC tourist agencies to request information by mail so you can do your research. Greenwich Village has some interesting places to stay. The Village is full of restaurants and shops and you can walk to Soho or Chelsea or Battery Park City. The major museums and the MOMA are situated uptown closer to Central Park, but you will pay accordingly. My advice is to save on your accommodations and take public transit (or taxis, which are relatively cheap) to get to your daily destinations.

The New York Ziners will probably have tons of advice.

Lucy, Toronto