Subject: Paradores Thank you - Granada Hotel
Hello Ziners,

Thanks so much for the great advice on the paradors and other info on Sevilla and Granada. Even though we're traveling with a senior (a young-at-heart, if not foot 80+!), we decided to try to stay in the historic district in Sevilla for a few nights and then stay overnight in Granada or the surrounding area, returning to Sevilla the following evening. Any hotel recs for Granada would be appreciated we're trying to stay in the 100-150 Eur. per night per room category (difficult, I've found).

Is it possible to see any of the white villages on our return drive? Joel has recommended we visit Cordoba instead, which sounds great to me. But, my traveling companions are pressing to for the white towns. (I don't even know what they are!).

At any rate, thanks so much for the input and ideas. This is a great group!

Best, vanessa cutchogue, ny