Subject: Paradores Thank You - Granada Hotel
Hi Ziners, An inexpensive hotel, well located is Hotel Macia Plaza in Plaza Nueva,fax 958 22 75 33 (a 5 minute taxi or bus ride up the hill takes you from this hotel to the Alhambra)

If I have to choose between the white towns and Cordoba, I would follow Joel's advice.

The white towns are cute and charming; you can follow roads up the hills and visit them all. On the other hand Cordoba was the most opulent of the Moorish cities in Spain and boasted a university to which scholars from all over Europe came to study in the XI and XII Centuries.

Most of the former opulence is gone, true, but the city preserves, as Joel said, one of the architectural marvels of that period.

Graziella, Miami Beach