Subject: Re: New York and Washington

Being a New Yorker, I'm obviously I'll say that 4 days is not enough in NYC. You'll barely scratch the surface.

For hotels, my suggestion would be for you to do a websearch for hotel discounts, see what's offered, then post those offers here and I (along with others I'm sure) can give you feedback on them and their location. If you don't mind sharing a bathroom, there's a lovely hotel in the village called The Larchmont Inn. I believe it's on 11th street and a friend of mine from San Francisco always stays there. Rooms go for just about $100. a night and even include coffee and a bagel in the morning. They do have a website, so do a search, if you don't mind sharing facilities. It's in a good location and I've walked by it, the building is very charming. There's a new budget hotel called ThirtyThirty which is on 30 East 30th Street, that you could look into. I beleive they have a sister hotel uptown - it's mentioned on the website. There are a few B& B type accomodations around the city. One is called the Chelsea Inn.....I think it's on W. 17th Street. And there's a hotel in Chelsea (great neighborhood) on W. 23rd Street and 7th Ave, called The Savoy.

I don't think we have any Super Motels in NYC. If you've found one, let me know the location, so I can give you some feedback.

Don't worry about a car. We live here and wouldn't want one! :-)

Candice NYC