Subject: Re: Bank - ATM - Questions
Hi Majeba (Barbara),

If you don't use a debit card at home, I wouldn't bother getting one. You only need an ATM card.

There may be some security risks with your debit card if it is one of the kind that need only a signature, not a PIN. In case other Canadians are wondering, here in Canada - we use one card as an ATM card and debit card and we don't have the PIN-less debit cards.

Just take your ATM card armed with a good password! Here's a web page about choosing one:

However, get one a PIN with digits - see this article for information:

According to them, MasterCard/Cirrus recommends a four-digit PIN (personal identification number) for use with ATMs in its European network. The Visa/Plus network accepts four- to six-digit PINs.

Frances Toronto, Canada