Subject: Re: New York and Washington
Hi Ziners, Just a quick note about NYC hotels. Going to NYC is one of the few times I use Priceline. I never use them for air travel because I really need to know what I am getting before I buy but with hotels (especially in NYC), I and other friends have had great success.

How great? How about the Sheraton Towers on Broadway at around 56th for $75 a night? Yup, we bid for a 4-5 star hotel at $75 a night. Of course their screen pops up that says you will never get a room at this price in Manhattan. We ignore it and bid it anyway. We got it. If you don't get it at $75 and have the time to keep bidding, move up in $10 increments. Always ignore their warnings about it not being enough.

Hope this works for you, Jim in Redmond, WA