Subject: Planning - need some help regarding Canada
Hi Ziners,

A new year and here we are trying to figure it out where and when can we travel this year. We have to be in Argentina in late June. Already have the tickets for June 21. A new grandson is on the way and I wish to be with my daughter. We were thinking of going to Europe during the Spring but also considering going in the Fall, Sep/October and instead going to Canada between now and the Argentine trip in June.

We are considering flying to Toronto and then after hoping to attend a GTG ( aborted last year due to SARS) to drive, or take a train or both? West to visit the beautiful mountain lakes regions. Frankly I know very little and hope to get some guidance. I do not even know if it would be better to rent the car in Toronto, or come back into the US to rent in a nearby location.

Sorry if I ask for so much guidance, knowing so little. But I will do my homework after getting some imput. I am thing of a couple of weeks, even three. So we should leave at the end of May from Miami. Although we do not like tours may be it might be a good idea to fly to Toronto and then take an organized good Canadian tour West? thank you.

Graziella Miami Beach