Subject: Re: Volareweb Airlines
Hi Rick,

Four of us flew Volareweb Airlines from Paris Orly to Venice on October 12, 2003. We had absolutely no problems. We took public transportation (Metro/RER and then short ride on an automated tram) from central Paris to Orly early on a Sunday morning and had no problems making our 9:20 am flight. Scheduled arrival time in Venice was 10:50 am. The plane was late leaving Orly but not by much. There were no assigned seats but the flight wasn't crowded at all. They flew a mid-sized jet (180-200 passenger) and it was spotless. I think they served coffee and soft drinks but no other services on the short flight. My recollection of cost is about 40 euros each plus another 28 euros each for taxes and handling charges. This compared very favorably with 10-12 hours on a night train at a cost of $115 plus a couchette at $25 each. We handled every thing over the internet on the Volareweb site a couple of weeks before we left home, including payment by credit card. We were very pleased.

During the flight we struck up a conversation with a gentleman across the aisle who was originally from San Francisco but had lived in Paris for 25 years. He was surprised to see 4 tourists from the American Midwest on the flight and wondered how we had heard about Volareweb. We told him - from TheTravelzine group!

Doug, Missouri