Subject: Portable Disk Drive
Hello everyone again.

Some time ago, there was a thread dealing with portable disk drives that accept digital pictures from a compact flash without the need to carry a computer. At the time, I had very little use because three compact flash cards could hold all of the pictures I took. More recently, I bought a new digital Canon EOS Rebel (I am not a computer junkie; I can stop any time, really, really, really) which chews up a lot more space than my old camera, and I would like to minimize the number of compact flash cards that I take.

Have any of you bought one of these portable units? If so, please let me know:

1. Your experience with it. 2. Is it dual voltage? 3. What is its price? 4. What is its capacity?

Thanks in advance.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology UT-Arlington