Subject: Volareweb Airlines
Hallo Rick,

I used Volareweb last year from Verona to Guadalupa. I had a very bad time with the crew, since i was flying with my little baby of 7 months and they didn't want to give me the cot, so my flight was a nightmare. My baby is a really quiet boy but he's not used to sleep on my arms for hours and just needed to sleep lying down. They told they weren't informed previously, but I'm sure who made the reservation told about the little baby and the cot. Anyway flying back, I told about the cot at the check in and at the Volareweb desk and... can you imagine? No cot for me again!!! I was so angry that I told to the hostess:if you want all the people on this flight stay awake because of my baby cry, just don't give me the cot!! After few seconds I had the cot and my baby slept for all the 10 hours of the flight!

Oh, one hostess was disappointed because I was breastfeeding the baby during the take-off (my doctor said to do this because of the eardrums).

Apart from this I can say the airplane was new, and in general I consider Volareweb like every other low cost line. Not bad not good. Probably I was really unlucky with the impolite crew I met (they were the same in the 2 flights).

Ciao, Simona, Torino, Italy