Subject: Re: Driving from Asti to Lucca (Italy)
Hello John and Ziners

from Asti to Lucca the quickest way is going down along the coast. It's motorway all the way but very scenic, even if the many tunnels spoil the view and the heavy traffic can be a bit stressing. Three hours are a resonable time, considering most of the trip is along the Appennini mountain range. I suggest you take your time, not trying to ride the left lane all the time unless you're prepared to drive fast and recklessly.

Don't misunderstand me, it's not a hell's ride but the difference of speed between the two lanes is noticeable and once stuck in the right one you need skills and guts to overtake! The Cinque Terre towns are a bit far from the motorway, so if you wish to stop there you need to take the local roads, again narrow and winding down. For an easy stopover, the end town of Levanto is the best, but it's not the quaintest of course. Another option is to take the La Spezia exit and drive to Portovenere (you can take a boat tour from there too), a little town worth a visit. Other places to stop by are Sestri Levante, north, or Massa with its marble quarries, very close to Lucca. Sorry I can't recommend any restaurant, but I can tell you the food is usually good in the area (seafood and the wonderful focaccia ligure) and Ziners visit those places regularly so I'm sure you can search the Archives for tips. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy