Subject: Re: Priceline room in Europe
Hi Michele

Although I have yet to use Priceline for hotel rooms in Europe, I have used Priceline at least a dozen times for hotels and car

rentals domestically. As long as you do your research properly, the odds are strongly in your favor to do well. The single best source of information, as you have already learned, is Bidding for Travel. To zero on of wherever you are looking, just make sure to review the winning bids in the cities you are planning to visit. Once you have reviewed the hotels for which bids have been successful, it's best to check those hotels' websites to get an idea of what the going rate might be. In the time I've been using Priceline, I've found their prices to be one to two thirds below the prevailing rate.

I've looked at bids for European hotels a few times and believe that you can do quite well. One of the issues is whether the hotels participating will be satisfactory to you. Since most names tend to appear multiple times, that's usually a good indication of what you can expect at the different star levels. The only hitch with

European hotels is that there are far fewer transactions to review. Even so, it's definitely worth a shot and may well work well for you.

Regards, Russell