Subject: Re: Miles One FF program changes
Hi all. I thought it was junk mail and almost tossed it into the recycling

bin. It was, however, a notice of major changes to the Captial One credit card Miles One frequent flier program. Effective March 15, 2004, it will be easier to purchase a ticket using your miles, BUT your miles will be significantly devalued. Currently, each mile is worth a potential maximum of two cents (U.S.) per mile. A ticket from the lower 48 U.S. states to Europe cost 50,000 points, with a maximum ticket price of $1,000US. However, the ticket had to be purchased from Capital One's travel agency. As of mid-March, you can obtain your ticket in any legal manner (internet, consolidator, travel agent, etc.), but your mileage account will be charged 8,000 miles for every $100US of ticket price (1.25 cents per mile). For example: Under the current (old) system, your $1,000 ticket to Greece would cost you 50,000 miles; as of 15 March 2004, that same $1,000 ticket will cost you 80,000 miles. Sign of the times, eh? Mark Mitchell Boyds, Maryland