Subject: Re: First Night in foreign country
Ziners, I've found that flying west to east is easier to handle than east to west, as far as jet lag is concerned. I live on the west coast, so that means when I fly to Hawaii or Australia. I learned the best way to handle it (and I've read this, too) is to try to stay outside as much as you can at your destination so that you can get the sunlight, which helps with the jet lag. I remember once flying nonstop to Australia from the west coast -- about 15 or 16 hours -- and being really jet lagged when I got to Brisbane. A friend met me at the airport, and I just wanted to sleep, but he insisted on stopping at a wildlife refuge and walking around there for a while. It really helped -- I didn't feel so sleepy any more -- and I went to sleep at the regular bedtime in Brisbane and felt fine the next day.

When I flew to Paris from the west coast last summer, I didn't feel as much jet lag as in the other direction, and just a half hour's rest in the hotel room in the early afternoon was good enough to last me the rest of the day, walking and exploring outside, until a late bedtime.

Diana San Diego, California