Subject: Re: More on ATM's and Credit Cards abroad
Hello Ziners:

Thanks for all the info on using ATM cards when traveling.

I was in Japan recently and found that most of their ATM's do not accept western cards. You have to search for the special international machines that are usually found in post offices. My hotel also gave me a special map that weaved me through the streets of Shin Yokohama to a small telephone booth like enclosure with an international machine.

I am a Citibank customer and can find their branches in most countries and while not always easy to find at first they are almost identical in design to those in the US and therefore a little of home.

I also travel with a special ATM just for travel card that doesn't have all my banking information in the data bar.

Exchanging money was always an adventure before these wonderful cards, although I was in Argentina during the past riots and currency devaluation and there hundreds of customers lined up at every machine trying to save a little of their savings. I waited for over an hour at a machine at the airport.

Finally when I have to use a credit card, I use American Express, if possible, as their up charges for the exchange rate are less than their competition.