Subject: Re: Credit card payments
Hi everyone, I have been a member here for years now. I love this travel board and have found lots of helpful information. Now it's my time to give back again to Travelzine. I read the messages all the time. I just didn't have a need for any input for a while. So here goes, I think this is for Dave H. This is some information I have for the person that needs to know about paying their credit cards while in Europe for ten weeks. I go to Hungary every year for six weeks or more. It was a big problem for me at first paying bills and credit cards. I found out after my trip to Europe that I could sign up online to pay them! It is fully secure! I have never had any trouble with the security online there, as well as here. I can check my bills online and pay them too. It's a great relief and help for me. But I also make sure to take all the phone numbers for back up in case I need to call them for any reason or if anything should go wrong, like their site closes down. I bought a cell phone in Hungary a few years ago and when I go back there I just reload it! It is great. I spend about $200.00 on all the cards for six weeks, but I call home everyday, some times twice a day. I call my family and friends, my bank, you name it. It's great for me as I feel safe too. Also if I decide to stay out late, or stay with a friend, I can call my family that I stay with so they don't worry about me. It is so nice to be free to call home when I feel lonely. Also it gives me a sense of security. One night while out a little late, and I was lost, I was sure I was being followed! And I was! I started to panicked a little as my phone was empty! I thought what am I going to do my phone card is dead! I'm like, he doesn't know it's empty, So I took my cell phone out stated dialing and acted like I was talking to the police! They guy took off fast the other way. What a relief to me! After that I always carry it with me there. But never had any trouble. The guy may have just wanted to talk to me, I don't know, but I didn't intend on finding out either. I never had any trouble with the Roma people while in Hungary or in Slovakia either. And I went to Villages where there were lots of them. I felt safe and they never tried to pickpocket me. I love both Countries very much and I can't wait to return there in June for another six weeks. Happy travels everyone. Alice The Magyar Alizka