Subject: Re: Thailand - Best way to take money
Hi Rosemary, We were in Thailand as long as seven years ago and had no trouble finding ATMs. A quick check on Google shows that there are 1700 ATMs in the country operated by Bangkok Bank, for example. HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank) also has ATMs throughout the country. You can check these sites to find out where the machines are located.

However, I would encourage you to have two cards so you can access two different networks. In Canada, our banks have different networks so a Cirrus (Mastercard network attached to the Bank of Montreal for example), will not work in some machines. Some places, including the Bangkok Airport, take only one of these.

I would add that, despite all of the great suggestions about using ATMs and credit cards, there is something exciting about going to an exchange office and buying the currency of the country you are about to visit. With an up-to-date passport, airline ticket and local currency,I truly feel that I am on my way - even if it's only $100 in my hot little hands. Lucy, Toronto