Subject: Our room for $75 with Priceline
Hi Graziella -

Our one and only experience with Priceline, which was just last week, was wonderful at the Hilton GasLamp!!!

We got a very large room with two double beds, a mini bar, down comforters, very large television with cable service, furnished quite nicely. Yes, we were on the third floor of the high-rise and we did face the convention center (as did all of the rooms on that entire side of the hotel), but once we closed the sliding glass door to our balcony, you could have heard a feather drop it was so quiet. As for the view, well, we didn't stand and look at the convention center except for a very few minutes in the morning and when we returned it was dark out, so it made absolutely no difference to us. The rack rate for this room is $199.00 per night.

One other thing, since parking is at a real premium, it did cost us $21 a night for parking (with in and out privileges), but that wouldn't have changed had we spent $199.00 per night.

All of the rooms on all of the floors are the same excepting for a couple at the end of the corridors.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Rose - Los Angeles