Subject: Great deal to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi Rose, If you wish to take a good city tour, personalized go to They take you for four hours in a private car with a driver. The good thing is that they take the trouble to find out what are your preferences, art, architecture, history...and they really take it into account. We paid $ 85 for two persons.

Let me tell you that I know Buenos Aires well but we took the tour anyway because it was great for updating and it was like being with a friend. It was fun as well as instructive.They took me to the new Latin American Art Museum that I highly recommend and we had lunch in a very exciting place called Museo Renaud which is next door. They also got us tickets for the Opera at famous Teatro Colon and for a short while took us for doing some shopping , we came back to the shops next day on our own. Also there are two good shopping malls you can go on your own one is on calle Florida and Ave. Cordoba called Galerias Pacifico and the other is on Avenida Libertador, I forgot the name.

Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city and surely many restaurants you will find on your own just looking at them. A few restaurants I like are, Dora for delicious fresh sea food, Harper for lunch ask for the set menu, the Museo Renaud Restaurant I mentioned before. Most of the restaurants in the PUerto Madero..are good. Sundays the brunch at the Four Seasons was excellent. There are many cafes , try to sit in Cafe LA Viela ( I think it is called like this it is in a corner and has many tables outdoors like in Paris ) in la Recoleta, and have ice cream in nearby Fredos , around the corner. The Cafe Tortoni of course is the most well known cafe in Buenos Aires. It has a lot of history and tradition. Tango music at night too. Do not miss a tango show, wowargentina can help you out for that or you can ask your concierge. To know what is going on in town buy the newspaper called La Nacion, but if you prefer in English there is a good daily newspaper called Buenos Aires Herald . They have shows and theater and usually many things going on. Less in Summer though. Important, try not to look like a tourist. Be alert. You know the usual precautions. Write again if you wish to ask anything else. take Care, Graziella