Subject: Re: Clothing in Thailand
Hi Rose, When I was in Thailand it was November and the weather was very hot. I wore a denim washable tunic and short sleeved t-shirts everywhere in the cities. On the islands I wore shorts and a t-shirt and never felt uncomfortable. In some temples, I was able to enter with my knee length tunic. In others, I rented' a plastic cover-up and went merrily on my way. However, I always pack a shawl when I travel. So when I need to cover up in places that don't rent plastic cover-ups, for example churches in Italy or temples in Asia, I simply put the shawl over my head or shoulders, or wrap it around my waist and I am suitably covered. It has also come in handy in trains or on boats when sleeping in a chair and I feel a chill. I have five or six of these in various colours, but always pack the black one.

The Thai sell beautiful cover-ups that women use on the beach and I have found them to be useful on many of my travels.

Generally, I have found that sleeveless tops are more offensive than any other item of apparel though Thai women often wear sleeveless t-shirts and jeans so, go figure. Pack a few t-shirts. Bare shoulders are a no-no, at least on western women. Lucy, Toronto