Subject: Re: Money (and clothing) in Thailand
Hi, Ziners and Rosemary.

I've been to Thailand and did a lot of research on the customs before I went. To be on the safe side, I took long, summery dresses, as it gets very hot there. The long dress allows you to stay cool and still keep your legs covered. It's advisable to wear closed shoes, too, so I took shoes that were summery but had the toes covered. This worked out really well for me.

Remember not to walk near the monks, as they are not allowed to be near women. And, of course, you have to take off your shoes before you enter a temple. When you sit on the floor, make sure your feet don't point towards anyone, as that is very impolite.

You will love Thailand. It is my favorite country in Southeast Asia. Everyone I met was polite and friendly, and they love it if you know a few words in Thai. And the bargains are extraordinary. There is such a favorable exchange rate between the baht and the dollar, that just about everything is so much lower in price than you would expect.

The countryside and Bangkok itself I found to be very beautiful. The Royal Palace is like being in a fairyland. Everywhere you see gold gilt, beautiful mosaics and tapestries, rich colors and designs, etc.

Enjoy your trip!

Diana San Diego, California