Subject: Volareweb airline and Iberia
Hi Ziners,

a few days ago someone was asking about Volare. I flew with their intra-european low cost airline (itīs a bit different to the one Simona took...), Volareweb. They began flying last March. I flew in May from Bilbao to Milan, and I cannot complain regarding punctuality, cleanliness and the crew. Of course, given that it is a low cost airline, you donīt get any free food or drink (but Iberia is going to stop serving food in european flights from March ... so it is not such a big deal). Friends of my sister are flying to Rome in March, and they have gotten an email indicating that there has been a schedule change. Not too bad for the price they paid.

Simonaīs bad experience sounds to me similar to the Air Europa flights to the Caribbean. Everybody raves about their flights inside Spain, but their flights to Cuba or Santo Domingo can be a a bit of nightmare. Cramped space, cranky crew (you can be lucky if they are not finnish :) ) ...

Iberia has improved a lot in the last times. The only thing I donīt like at all is having to do an stop-over in Barajas. There is an on-going renovation project since always, I am afraid, and during winter it can also be affected by fog. As a result, the delays increase and increase. Richardīs description of the problems at the Information Counter sounds to me very similar to the arguments that happened last year during the pilots strike. My sister was witness of one of those fights (she was flying Spanair), and the crew had to run away from the people who were trying to attack them. Believe me, in cases like that you are better off not understanding spanish, unless you want to master your slang

Vanessa, I really hope you wonīt have any problem. Last December I was flying back from Hamburg, and a few flights were cancelled. I cannot complain at all about the degree of service of the Iberia crew. They managed to put everybody on flights to Spain, they gave out vouchers for decent meals at the restaurant (unlike BA, who gave vouchers for sandwich). BTW, a very good restaurant at Hamburg airport, I couldnīt believe how good it was. I would recommend you to speak before travelling with Iberia. Barajas is a big airport, and if you are on a tight connection, it could a bit hard with your dad. Talk to them and find out if they could have someone to accompany you to your departing gate to Sevilla.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain